In The Market For Sustainability?

There is no getting around it: our planet is in crisis. If you are a businessperson who is looking to start a new company, you might want to consider going down the route of sustainability businesses. Starting a sustainable business, or a business whose primary goal is to improve sustainability in the world and do right by the planet, is not only an ethical decision, but a profitable one too. All over the world, environmental startups are having wild success; it pays to care about the planet. So where do you fit into this? Read this blog to find out. 

Why is it a good idea to create a sustainability business? Here are some examples of where it’s worked for others, and why you should get onto this bandwagon. 

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The Essentials Of Reforestation 

Reforestation refers to the process of re-planting forests which have been devastated by deforestation for cattle, crops or residential building. This is one of the most crucial actions for the planet right now; bring back the forests, and the wildlife can further thrive in its natural habitat, leading to fewer distinctions. More than this, the Amazon, often referred to as the lungs of the Earth, needs to be reforested in order for our oxygen levels to remain healthy. 

So which companies are contributing to reforestation and how can you follow suit? The Germany-based search engine, Ecosia, donates over 80% of its profits to reforestation efforts. Similarly, companies like Arbtech help companies build on land while protecting endangered species. This is a perfect example of how a sustainable business can take off financially; working with, not against customers in order to create a simple and sustainable solution. This is the way forward.

Ashes To Ashes…

One business model that is taking off is a rather more sombre one. More and more businesses are popping up which can help families turn their dead loved ones’ ashes into sustainable contributions to the planet. One of these companies is Georgia based Set Free At Sea, a company which converts ashes into concrete bases which are then placed into dying coral reefs, in order for coral to grow and thrive upon them. This might sound like a bizarre business idea, but the success of this company and others proves that there is a market for environmentally friendly ways to bury our loved ones. 

Beyond The Need For Meat

Vegan meat substitute brand Beyond Meat has got it exactly right: in today’s world, there are an increasing number of vegans looking for tasty alternatives to a raw veg diet. The food industry is booming with brilliant, innovative vegan alternative brands who are making money hand over fist. Oatly, the oat milk brand which is challenging the dairy industry, is another example – this company is now worth $2 billion, and is used widely all around the world as a replacement of cow’s milk. If you are looking to start a business dedicated to sustainability, the vegan foods market could not be a better place to start. 

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