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Welcome to my new money making series, where the main focus of the series is going to be all about the highest earning survey sites out there, my top tips for completing surveys and how much money you can ACTUALLY make from surveys. I’m going to give you a completely honest review of all the survey sites that I test, so you can decide whether they are worth your time.

In today’s post, I am going to be testing the survey site InboxPounds.

InboxPounds Overview

InboxPounds is a “get paid to” site, where you can earn cash from participating in paid surveys, reading emails and completing sign up offers. As well as this, they also have a search engine feature, which pays you revenue for your usual searching of the internet. This doesn’t pay out a fortune, however it’s a good way to earn money for something you’re doing anyway.

It’s free to join InboxPounds, so you don’t need to enter your card details or pay any registration fees upon signing up.

How Much Can I Earn?

There are different ways to make money using InboxPounds, and different earnings for each task.

By confirming a PaidEmail you receive 1p, and you can expect to receive between 1-2 PaidEmails per day. Although this won’t make you rich overnight, again, it’s a good way to earn money from something that literally takes 10 seconds to complete.

At the time of writing this, you can earn around 1p for every 4 web searches you complete, however I actually ended up being blocked from this feature as I use an ad-blocker software (oops!) so this is something to note. I have read before though that if you max out your daily searches – which is 30 searches per day – you can earn around 15p.

InboxPounds claim you can earn from 50p to £5 per survey, however I found that most of the surveys I was offered were usually worth 25p. The site claims to have new surveys available daily, and I must agree that from what I have seen there are always lots of new surveys to complete.

One thing I really like about this site is that even if you get disqualified from a survey, you win a spin on their Spin & Win wheel. Prizes for the wheel include: Survey Tokens at 6p and 3p, which is credited to your account on your next successful survey, and Cash Bonuses at £5, £1 and 1p, which is credited to your account immediately. This is another benefit of the site as your time isn’t completely wasted after you have been zoned out of a survey.

Refer a friend is another bonus of InboxPounds, as once someone signs up using your referral URL, you will receive 10% of their lifetime earnings. This can quickly amount, and definitely saves you some time when it comes to completing surveys yourself.

However, a feature on the site I am unsure about is the offers section, as a lot of the sign up offers seem to be with gambling sites. I’m not a big advocate of offers such as ‘deposit £10 and get £5 free spins’ as I find this can be quite tempting for vulnerable people who may have a problem with gambling sites like these. Although this is my opinion, I would say browse at your own peril, it’s just more the fact that offers like these may be landing in one’s personal email inbox, which may be quite alluring. On the other hand, there are some offers that are free to sign up to, although personally, I still need to take the time to look at these and see if they’re worthwhile.

inbox pounds review

When Can I Cash Out?

Once you have earned at least £20, you will be eligible to request payment, which is paid by cheque. For non-gold members, it takes around two weeks for the cash out to be processed, however for gold members, payments are processed weekly.

It definitely is more of an inconvenience that you can only cash out by cheque and not bank transfer or Paypal, but at least it’s still something!

What Is A Gold Member?

Once you cash out your balance for the first time, your account is automatically upgraded to a gold account. This basically means that gold members can enjoy additional perks such as faster payments, more loyalty rewards and additional referral rewards.

How Much Did I Earn With InboxPounds?

In the week that I spent on InboxPounds, I made £5.12.

To break this down, this total equates to:

  • Signup Bonus = £1.00
  • Spin & Win = £0.79
  • PaidEmail Earnings = £0.26
  • Cash Offers = £0.50
  • Surveys = £2.45
  • Search Earnings = £0.12

My overall opinion of the site is that I can imagine it does take a long time to get to the cashout threshold, and the surveys do seem very long-winded for the amount of money you are earning. I also did get to the end of completing a survey (took about 10 minutes) and I got zoned out when I pressed Finish! It is definitely worth trying out and I’m going to bear with it and see where it gets me!

If you want to give InboxPounds a go, you will receive £1 to get the ball rolling by using my referral link here

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