Is It Really Cheaper To Move Into A Rural Area?


You might find it better for your frame of mind to escape the rat race, to go from the big city to the small country. And a lot of people are making this change, primarily for their mental health, but also, because it’s cheaper. But, in the round, is moving to a rural area actually cheaper? Or is the move beset with so many expenses that it works out around the same regardless?

Why Do You Want To Move To The Country?

We all have our own idyllic perception of country living. Maybe you want to start your own small farm, or maybe get some field shelters for horses and raise a few livestock, whatever the goal, it’s as expensive as you want it to be. A lot of people, when we make the move from city living to the country way of life is that we end up living in a more self-sufficient manner. They’re far away from big shops and supermarkets; as such they don’t have that convenience on their doorstep. Naturally, they end up living off the land a little bit more or being more considered in what they buy. Or on the other hand, if you want to move to the country because the cost of living is cheaper, you can afford a bigger house. This can impact your real estate investment, and you could make a killing later on in life. But the bigger the house you buy, the more you going to pay for it, and therefore, you could end up paying more money for this new house than you did a small pokey flat in the middle of a city. It’s all about perspective.

Will You Just Spend More On Transport?

It’s a valid question in terms of the city versus country debate. Living out in the sticks means you’ve got less access to public transport, which means you’ve got to have your own transport facilities. And it’s not just about getting a cheap runaround car; you may have to get something a bit sturdier, especially if you’re living far away from any sign of life. You’ll need to get to the supermarket, and if it’s an hour away, you need something that is built for long journeys. But on the other hand, if you live out in the country, you can start to prepare yourself for a slower pace of life, which is why so many people escape to the country when they are ready to retire. But if you’re someone that’s still working in the middle of a big city, you’ve got to think about the commuting.

The Impact On Your Lifestyle

You could end up spending more on transport, especially if you are working far away, but because of a lack of convenience, in conjunction with a slower pace of life, you feel the benefits in other ways. You can be more self-sufficient and growing your own vegetables, you can save money on supermarket trips, but on the other hand, if you’ve got children who have nature to play in, the focus can be more on experiences as gifts, rather than material goods. Country living could nurture a less material oriented existence.

Is it cheaper to move to a rural area? If you go from the same size property, there are so many different ways that it’s cheaper. But if you are still working in the middle of a city, but you need a quieter life, you may end up paying a lot more for transport. But on the other hand, will you be happier living in a rural area? It’s worth bearing this in mind.


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