Is Vitality Life Insurance Worth It?

Vitality is a UK-based health and life insurance company established in 2004. They believe that helping their members to live a healthy lifestyle is an integral part of their business, and they provide incentives such as free cinema tickets, Starbucks coffees, and even Apple watches to encourage their members to stay healthy. In this article, we will explore the products offered by Vitality in more detail.


VitalityHealth is the health insurance product offered by Vitality. It provides essential healthcare coverage and gives customers access to several benefits such as Vitality GP, which is a video consultation service with a GP. Vitality Cancer Care is another benefit offered through VitalityHealth, which provides financial and emotional support to policyholders and their families if they’re diagnosed with cancer. Moreover, it covers treatment costs that are not covered by the NHS. Customers also receive rewards and incentives based on their lifestyle habits, like making healthy food choices to manage their weight, hitting daily step count goals, or quitting smoking.


VitalityLife is Vitality’s life insurance policy. The policy offers valuable protection to policyholders’ families in case the policyholder passes away. VitalityLife provides options for Level Term Life Insurance, Mortgage Life Insurance, and Whole of Life Insurance.

Policyholders can choose from a range of add-on covers to suit their needs. VitalityLife also offers a wellness program where policyholders can receive Vitality points based on their lifestyle habits like having a healthy diet, exercising or quitting smoking. These points can help policyholders to reduce their premium, which can lead to long-term savings.


VitalityInvest is Vitality’s Investment platform, which supports a range of investment products like Stocks and Shares ISAs, retirement savings plans, and investment bonds.

Policyholders who invest through VitalityInvest can receive investment boosts on their portfolio, which can range from 5% to 50% of the portfolio value depending on the terms of the investment. Vitality calculates these investment boosts based on the number of points earned by policyholders, which are associated with specific lifestyle habits that promote good health.

Vitality Rewards

Vitality Rewards is a program offered by Vitality, which encourages its members to lead healthy, active lifestyles. The program offers incentives like free Starbucks coffee, cinema tickets, and Apple watches based on members hitting specific targets related to their health. For example, if a Vitality member hits their weekly step count target, they can earn Starbucks vouchers for free coffee. The program incentivizes members to adopt healthy lifestyle habits while also rewarding them for it.

Vitality at Work

Vitality at Work is a product offered by Vitality, aiming to improve the health and engagement levels of employees in workplaces. Vitality at Work provides a range of health and wellbeing interventions to employees and even includes biometric screenings like blood tests. The idea behind Vitality at Work is that investing in the health of employees can decrease the number of sick days, increase productivity, and lead to a happier and healthier workforce.


Vitality has different products and incentives that encourage people to lead healthy lifestyles. The VitalityHealth insurance product offers policyholders valuable healthcare coverage and a range of additional benefits like Vitality Cancer care, which provides support for those diagnosed with cancer. Policyholders of VitalityLife can benefit from its wellness program, which incentivizes policyholders to stay active and adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Additionally, VitalityInvest supports members in achieving their financial goals while promoting a positive lifestyle. And, finally, Vitality at Work provides employers with comprehensive wellness solutions to improve employee engagement and health. If you’re interested in finding out more about Vitality’s products, visit their website today.

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