Keep Your Business Going From Anywhere in the World

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Balancing your work and your life is tough. Most of us want to earn more and work less while pursuing our true passions. But if keeping this balance is hard enough at home, how can you cope with the extra challenge of traveling the world at the same time?

As ever, preparation is really important. You need to know how you are going to stay in touch with your clients and how you can continue to provide high quality services. There’s no point in getting to your first destination only to spend a week or two panicking because you haven’t figured it out! 

So, here’s what you need to know. 

Keep Things Steady For Your Clients

Your clients may know that you could be anywhere in the world but this shouldn’t change the way they access your services. The best option is to make sure that your website stays up and running but you might also like to use free conference calling apps to get in touch in person.

Another good idea is to have a permanent address for your business while you are transient. This gives your clients somewhere to send information and ensures that your business is registered properly. You can access New York addresses through

Stick to Your To-Do List

You might not have a regular routine while you travel but this shouldn’t stand in the way of completing tasks. If you are going out and having fun in the morning, schedule in a few hours of work in the afternoon. Or, if you are even more flexible, plan your week so that you work when you need to but it isn’t crammed in. 

Writing a to-do list will help you to prioritize what you need to do. A to-do list will also make sure that you are realistic about how much free time you really have. If you tend to leave things to the last minute, you will end up having a brilliant time for most of the week and then getting unbelievably stressed for a few days. Balance is everything.

Maintain Your Positive Mindset

Balancing your business and your desire to travel is going to be tough but with a positive mindset, you can do anything. The most important thing is that you remember to be grateful for everything you have and the opportunity before you. Even on the hardest day, it’s worth remembering that you have a wonderful chance to explore the world and that if some compromise is necessary, then that’s just life.

On some days you’ll probably have to do a “proper” day of work and you won’t be able to go and have fun. But, sitting on a balcony with your laptop or visiting a cafe, take a minute to look around you and feel lucky. 

Being able to work and travel is an extremely privileged position to be in so relish every moment. Work hard and play hard in equal measures. Make the most of your time. 

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