Keeping On Top Of Business Finances: 4 Top Tips

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Lack of cash flow in businesses is one of the primary reasons companies fail. Improving business finances can help you to make the changes in your company to ensure you are well-placed for success. However, it isn’t always as simple as ensuring you are overseeing your income and outgoings, business can be unexpected, and as such, you need to be ready to pivot at a moment’s notice to ensure your survival and keep things moving forward.

Being savvy with your business expenses means you will be in a better position to tackle any issues that go your way. This post looks at some ways you can ensure your business finances are healthy.

Know Your Figures

Do you know where every single penny of your money is going? If not, why not? You need to have a handle on all of your numbers to be able to account for every single business transaction, both in and out, and ensure the number adds up. This means looking at revenue, payroll, overheads, assets, liability, equity and more to ensure you have a complete financial picture.

Bill Promptly

Neglecting to ensure you send out timely invoices can result in a backlog of payments and put you under more financial pressure. When a task has been completed, ensure you request payment as quickly as possible to desire your customers to have sufficient time to pay without creating a longer waiting period. The same can be said for settling bills you need to pay. Get them paid so you have a better idea of how much money you have in your accounts and know you are up to date with everything you need to pay for.

Keep Up With Market Trends

Times can change quickly; the covid endemic showed businesses how agile they need to be to face intense and immediate changes in consumer demands. If you aren’t keeping up with trends, chances are you’ll be on the back foot regarding holding stock you cannot sell or marketing services that are no longer in demand. To remain financially healthy and viable, you need to have a good data strategy that can help you make changes quickly when needed to avoid wasting funds to help you source new avenues when required to generate a profit.

Set Aside Emergency Funds

It’s all well and good to have a healthy bank balance for your business, but if you don’t have a savings fund for unexpected issues and business emergencies, then those funds could soon find themselves swallowed up to help you get back on track. Always keep a contingency fund of one side that is the equivalent of three to twelve months of running expenses to cover you should the worst happen. And if the worst doesn’t happen? Then you can reinvest in the business without using your finances or having to redistribute funds.


Healthy business finances can take a lot of time to get on top of and need to be something you make a priority. By making more informed decisions, having sinking funds to cover out-of-the-ordinary expenses and being prompt with payments and billing, you can ensure you are giving yourself the best chance to support your business financially and improve your cash flow.

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