How To Be Comfortable In Your Own Skin

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For me, it hasn’t been an easy journey to achieving self love. As a teen, I felt plagued with confidence issues, and rarely felt comfortable in my own skin. I had acne problems in my early teens, needed to wear glasses, and had to had braces to fix my wonky teeth. And although I went to visit my GP for acne treatment, started wearing contact lenses and eventually got my braces taken off when I was 16, it didn’t fix the lack of confidence from deep within, and it was really just a façade by covering up the issues that I had.

As a now 22 year old, I have grown up with social media and flawless skin and perfect bodies at the touch of a button. It has become so normalised to see beautiful, filtered photos of people on social media, and at times it has made me wonder why my life isn’t as perfect as theirs. It has come with age that now I realise not everyone actually has the perfect life they convey online. Some people can even create a completely false alternative life online – a bit like Hannah Montana!

Learning to love yourself is a huge part of maintaining good mental health, and in the past I could experience moments where I could think myself into a black hole and spiral into an anxious episode. A few years ago, I would also try to keep up with this lifestyle of pretending you have a perfect life, and although now I still don’t live a perfect life (because I have news for you… no one does!) I feel far more confident about myself and who cares if I have a colossal spot on my face or if maybe my dress clings onto my stomach a little more than it did before lockdown!

You can find me now embracing my frizzy hair and if you know me in person you’ll know that I very rarely wear an ounce of make up on my face, because they only person that really cares about how you look is you! It’s important to appreciate what makes you different and feel confident in yourself, because what kind of world would it be if everyone looked and acted the same? I want to know one thing about yourself that makes you unique, and makes you love yourself even more.


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It’s important to embrace your imperfections and celebrate your uniqueness, as after all that is what is most special about you and separates you from everyone else! As part of this campaign with We Love Dates, I was sent a bundles of confidence boosting goodies, to help get me started on my self care reflection. Here’s a little look at what I received:

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