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How To Make Money From Decluttering This Spring

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How To Make Money From Decluttering This Spring

How to make money from decluttering this spring

Spring is finally here (although with the weather in the UK you might not think so!). Therefore, so is the season of decluttering and organising your life. I’m sure that many of us have an unnecessary amount of clutter that we have accumulated over the years and have never gotten round to sorting through. So to save you the hassle of it, I have collated a list that you can work through and get your Spring cleaning fever to a flying start, while making money along the way! Keep reading to find out how to make money from decluttering this Spring.


Declutter your wardrobe

Start by pulling everything out of your wardrobe and sort your clothes and accessories into 3 piles. These piles are keep, sell and throw away/donate to charity. Maybe you own a dress that is far too big for you and you are just keeping it to hold onto old memories? To make this process easier for you, ask yourself if you have worn the item in the past 6 months. If the answer is no, get rid of it! You can make money from this process by selling your old clothes on second-hand clothing wesbites. 


Make money from your old phone

If you have recently upgraded your mobile phone maybe your old phone has just been shoved in a drawer somewhere in your house? However, there are many sites and high street shops that you can use to cash in on your mobile phone. Depending on the model and condition of the phone the shops will offer you a cash amount in exchange for the phone. If you are using an online site it is as simple as posting the phone to them and the money will be deposited in your bank account within a few days.

Sell your old CDs, DVDs and Games

With new technology evolving more and more every day, we can use our phones for pretty much everything. It’s like having your own personal assistant!

 Most people don’t have a use for their old CDs or DVDs anymore because of applications like Spotify and Netflix. This leaves old discs with no use and lying around gathering dust. This can take up a lot of space in your home. However do not worry, there are many sites that will treasure your old games and DVDs and yes, they will actually pay you for them! 


Organise your bookshelf

If you consider yourself a bookworm, I am sure that your bookshelf will be as jam packed as mine is. If you want to reduce your book collection to make room for some new reads AND make money at the same time, you can sell your old books and textbooks that you don’t need anymore or donate them to charity so someone else has the opportunity to read them. 



Get down to your local car boot sale

After you have completed your major decluttering session – and let’s hope you have had some willpower when it comes to getting rid of things – you might be left over with a ton of things to sell that would either take too long to list on the internet or are maybe too big to send in the post. This is where car boots sales come in handy! You can find a list of car boot sales that are happening near you online. You can even have a jumble sale outside your home, which requires very little time and effort! 


Sell your old trash for cash

There are some sites that will actually pay you for things that you are going to throw away anyway, which is a win-win situation for you! I mean, what could be better than getting a few extra pennies from flogging things you aren’t going to keep in the first place? These items include old toilet rolls, jam jars, coat hangers, plastic milk bottle tops and empty perfume bottles. Yes I was surprised too when I first found this out!


Sell your old gold

Selling your old gold can be a quick and easy way to make money. You can take your old gold that is maybe broken or that you don’t wear anymore to the jewellers or send it to a postal hold website to cash in on it. However, gold can often be considered an investment so do some research on when the best time is to sell your gold to maximise your profit. Happy decluttering!


So there are all my decluttering and organising tips. I hope this post has motivated you to discover the hidden gems laying in your house. I also have a post about How To Boost Your Productivity and Get Results Now, check it out here.

If you use any of these methods or you want to share your own decluttering tips, make sure to tweet me @BritOnABudget1 or let me know in the comments below!


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  1. Kat (@femenish) March 31, 2018

    I am so bad at decluttering my wardrobe. I really need to, but I get emotionally attached to my clothes.

    1. britonabudget March 31, 2018

      Haha I can be very similar! It’s a good shout if you need a clear out and you want to make money as well! X


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