Making Money from Pokemon Cards: Tips and Tricks

Pokemon has been a popular franchise for over two decades, and it shows no signs of slowing down. Pokemon cards, which feature various creatures from the franchise, are a popular collector’s item and have gained a reputation for being valuable. In this blog post, we’ll explore how to make money from Pokemon cards and share tips and tricks to maximize your profits.

Understanding the Value of Pokemon Cards

The first step in making money from Pokemon cards is understanding their value. Certain Pokemon cards can sell for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The value of a card depends on several factors, including rarity, condition, age, and popularity. Some of the most valuable cards are first editions, shadowless cards, and holographic cards.

Tips for Buying Pokemon Cards

If you’re looking to make money from Pokemon cards, it’s essential to know where and how to purchase them. Here are some tips to help you buy Pokemon cards that have the potential to increase in value:

Look for Rare Cards: Check for rare cards that are not easily accessible to collectors. Seek out limited or special editions, misprints, errors, and other anomalies which could make them more valuable.

Check for Condition: Look for cards that are in mint or near-mint condition. Quality affects the value of the card, so check for any faults such as creases, scratches, or dents. The condition of the card can help determine a fair price when selling.

Attend Pokemon Card Shows: Attend Pokemon Card shows and conventions. This is a great way to access dealers and collectors. You can also find rare or hard-to-find cards in these events.

Tips for Selling Pokemon Cards

Once you have purchased rare Pokemon cards, it’s time to sell them. Here are some tips to help you sell Pokemon cards at a fair price:

Use E-commerce Platforms: Selling through e-commerce platforms such as eBay or Amazon. These platforms offer an avenue for international buyers, ensuring greater traffic and increased chances of selling in larger volumes.

Auction Style Listing: eBay offers an auction-style listing, which creates a bidding war for highly desirable cards resulting in higher-than-expected prices occasionally.

Set a Reasonable Price: Research the value of your cards on marketplaces, Pokemon card forums, and other e-commerce sites. Setting a fair price can attract a genuine buyer.

Timing is Crucial: Timing is essential when it comes to selling Pokemon cards. Observe market trends, such as new game releases, new card sets, and conventions that might affect prices. This allows you to sell at the right time, when demand and pricing are the highest.


Making money from Pokemon cards requires a careful balance of buying the right cards, holding them for the right time, and then selling them to the right buyer for the right price. It might require patience and time, but it is an exciting and rewarding process. Utilizing these tips for buying and selling can help you turn your passion for Pokemon cards into a lucrative market. Get started today, and who knows? You could own a card that fetches thousands of dollars!

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