My Sunday Routine For a Successful Week

Sunday is by far my favourite day of the week! Even though Monday is lingering around the corner, Sunday is the only day you can laze around all day and not feel guilty about it!

Here are just a few things that you can follow that I have incorporated into my Sunday routine to leave me feeling refreshed and to make the week ahead a great one!

Plan The Week Ahead

The first step I like to take on a Sunday is to brain dump everything I need to do in the week ahead. This makes me feel so much more prepared for the coming week. This can be anything from doing the washing up to putting my clothes out that I’m going to wear the following day. I find that if I don’t write a list, I usually end up forgetting things and not everything gets done, so I look at my list as an action plan for the week.

After I have made my to-do list, I like to use the Urgent/Import Matrix. I explained how I use this in my ‘How to Boost Your Productivity and Get Results Now‘ blog post. This helps me to prioritise my tasks and helps me decide the order I’m going to check off my list. Previously, I have also added my tasks into Google Calendar so I get a reminder at the time I have allocated the task to.

Charge Up Your Electronic Devices

I put my phone and laptop on charge on Sunday because it makes me feel more organised that they are powered up and ready to go on Monday morning.

I also keep a spare phone charger at work in case I forget to charge my phone the night before, so my phone never runs out of charge.

Create A Meal Plan For The Week

I like to plan out the lunches I’m going to take to work in the week. By meal prepping on a Sunday it saves me a lot of time in an evening and means that I can just grab my lunch in a morning and go to work. It also saves me money as I am not going out to buy food at work, as well as being a lot healthier for me.

I’ve also started planning and prepping my evening meals on a Sunday, which can take a few hours although it saves me money and time in the long run, so I can just get home after work and heat the food up.

Follow A Pamper Routine

My Sunday pamper routine consists of taking a long bubble bath whilst listening to my favourite music playlist. I also like to do a face mask as it detoxes my skins and draws out all the impurities, although you can incorporate whatever makes you feel relaxed into your pamper routine. You can also save money by painting your own nails instead of getting them done in a salon.

Tackle A Book

I love to wind down and read a book on a Sunday evening as I feel like this relaxes me the most. At the moment I am reading The Secret and I must admit I am hooked on every word! I aim to read at least 1 new book every month.

Pack My Bag For Work

I pack my bag for the week on a Sunday night so I can make sure I have everything prepped for the week. It gives me peace of mind to make sure that my notepad and pen and car keys are in my bag, and it saves me from checking on Monday morning.

Clean The House

This is where I get my “Mrs Hinch” on. If the house isn’t spanking clean on a Sunday night I can barely sleep! You best believe that the whole house is swept, hoovered and disinfected and I also like to make sure all the pots are cleaned before I go to bed (life without a dishwasher is first world problems trust me!)

I hope my Sunday routine has given you an insight of what an average Sunday looks like for me. Let me know your Sunday routine in the comments below or tweet me @BritOnABudget1!

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My Sunday routine for a successful week

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