My Sunday Routine


Sunday is by far my favourite day of the week. Other than the thought that Monday is just lingering around the corner, it is the only day it is acceptable to do absolutely nothing! Here are just a few things that I have incorporated into my Sunday routine to leave me feeling refreshed and prepared for the week ahead.

Write a To-Do List For The Week / Plan The Week Ahead

Firstly, I like to braindump everything I need to do for the week in a notebook. This is so I can see everything I have to do in front of me and I can cross things out as I go. After I have made my to-do list, I like to use the ‘Urgent/Important’ Matrix (explained in my ‘Step By Step Guide To Boost Your Productivity‘ Blog Post. This helps me to prioritise my tasks and make it easier for me to add them to Google Calendar.

Charge My Electronic Devices

I put my phone and laptop on charge on Sunday because it makes me feel more organised and they are powered up ready to go on Monday morning.


Create a Meal Plan For The Week

I like to plan out the lunches I’m going to take to work that week as it saves me a lot of time and I also know what to buy at my weekly shop in order to make these lunches. 

Pamper Routine

My Sunday pamper routine consists of having a long bubble bath while listening to my favourite playlist, and I like to do a face mask as it detoxes my skin and draws out all impurities. I also like to paint my nails as this helps me to feel relax and ready for the week ahead.


Read A Book

I always love to wind down and read a book on a Sunday as this relaxes me the most. At the moment, I am reading The Secret and I must admit I am hooked on every word!


Pack My Bag For Work

I pack my bag for the week on a Sunday as I can make sure I have everything ready for the week. I also like to set my work uniform out for the week so I am not worrying about this in the morning.


Clean My Room

I make sure to clean my room on a Sunday evening because this makes everything I need easier to find. I hang up my clothes and hoover the room as a tidy room = a tidy mind!


Watch a Film

Sundays are made for chilling out, so I always love to put my fave film on and relax. 

Hopefully, this post will give you some ideas on how to create your Sunday routine! Let me know what you incorporate into your Sunday routine in the comments below!


8 thoughts on “My Sunday Routine

  1. I really enjoy taking time out on a Sunday. It’s important for me to relax and also get everything sorted for the week! Being organised makes my Monday so much easier!

  2. I enjoyed reading this! My favorite day of the week would definitely be Friday and Saturday. In some cases, I have free time during Sunday too. It depends on how busy I am. I usually spend the day by spending time with family, hanging out with friends, playing video games, reading a book, or watch a movie at the theater or at home. 😊

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