My Top 5 Gifts For Any Pet Lover

If you are reading this post, then you must be looking for some gift ideas to buy a pet lover that you know. Whether is it their birthday, Christmas or you just fancy treating them, I have rounded up the best present ideas for dog lovers, cat lovers, or just anyone who is passionate about pets.

A pet bowl set

This is an essential for any pet owner! There are lots of jazzy bowl sets on the market at the moment, you can get personalised bowls, jazzy, funny or anything in between. If you are looking at getting a pet, make sure you have this on your list of things to get.

A portable dog water bottle

We have quite possibly all been there, maybe you have been for a long dog walk in the woods or in the countryside on a warm day (warmer than what you expected it would be) and there is no drinking water for your dog in site. This is the worst possible scenario to be in, and it is frankly extremely dangerous for your furry friend. You could have even ended up sharing your drink with your pet to keep them hydrated? To overcome this problem, there are now portable dog water bottles available which also turn into a bowl, so you can give your dog a drink anytime, no matter where you are.

A cute Custom Animal Illustration

This gift idea is one of my top picks for a pet lover, and it also adds a sentimental aspect to your present too. Vector Pets are a hand drawn custom pet illustration service, who will draw your pet for a reasonable price. I think this is the perfect idea for a present and would be greatly appreciated to any animal lover! You simply need to upload the photo that you would like them to illustrate – an additional pet will be an extra fee – select the style of drawing, whether you would like cartoon or a detailed drawing, if you would like any extras, such as another file type or extra fast delivery and then you can check out and wait for your present to come through the post!

Vector Pets | Custom Animal Illustrations

A Bluetooth tracker for dogs

This could be one of the most valuable gifts you could give a dog owner, and it could really end up saving your pups life. The Bluetooth tracker pairs with an app and will minimise your daily worries. Lots of my neighbours have been in the unfortunate situation where they have possibly left their garden gate open or a front door, and their pet has ran out of the door and escaped. You can avoid this situation by getting a tracker for the pet.

Matching dog collar and friendship bracelet for owner

I think this is such an adorable gift idea! I never knew these existed until a friend gave me one as a present, and it was great! Not only will your pet look fab with their new collar, you also get a matching bracelet so you can always be coordinated!

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