My Top 5 WordPress Font Plugins

Us bloggers know how hard it can be to find apt fonts and resources for our websites. I can’t tell you how many hours I have spent trawling WordPress plugins looking for something that would fit with my theme – and something that would be easy to read for my audience. I am always researching new ways I can better my site and help out my fellow bloggers, so today I want to tell you all about my top 5 WordPress Plugins to use for adding custom fonts to your WordPress site.

A major and hugely important part of any website is the typography. The fonts that you use on your site can reflect the nature of your blog and will help to reinforce your brand to your readers. For example, if you run a blog that is directed towards children, you may want to use light and fun fonts that will appeal more to kids. For a blog about legal advice, you may want to use more professional and solid fonts

Easy Google Fonts

This plugin is compatible with any theme and is a convenient plugin which adds Google fonts to your WordPress theme without using a code. You can preview the fonts in real time and allows you to have full control over the typography of your theme. If you have some basic knowledge of CSS sekectors, you can add custom font rules. There are over 600+ Google fonts and font variants to choose from, and this list is updated automatically with the latest fonts

Custom Fonts

Custom Fonts is a free WordPress font plugin that is extremely easy to use, and it creates a strong and rewarding impact on your website. Once you have activated the plugin, you can upload font files from all sorts of different files. You can then pick which font you want to use from a drop down menu.


Fontsy WordPress Plugin is a great all in one web font management plugin for WordPress which also happens to be completely free! It allows you to import your own web fonts, or choose from their free web font library. Fontsy lets you create a beautiful and unique blog that stands out from the crowd! This plugin just proves that you don’t need to be an expert in coding, as a matter of fact you don’t need to have any experience in coding to find the perfect fonts and headers for your blog.

fontsy plugin


Styleguide styles your WordPress theme’s fonts and colours in the live customise section. Before you set your blog live, you can play around with different options to find the right look that will best represent your mission online.

WP Google Fonts

WP Google Fonts makes it easier to add fonts from the Google font library to your website. It also helps you to add the site specific Google code to your WordPress blog. From your WordPress settings, it also allows you to assign the fonts to specific CSS elements.

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