Prepare Your Home for Selling

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Perform DIY Tasks

When potential buyers come to view your property you want it to look it’s best, the same way you would want to look your best if you were turning up to a job interview. Even if you can’t afford to renovate the rooms and increase the asking price you can influence it significantly with some DIY repairs. 

Fill in any holes in the wall with filler and sand them down. Consider painting the walls, especially in the kitchen, living room and bedroom. If you have any fixings or hinges that are faulty replace them with new ones. If you’re unsure how to DIY your home, look for Internet videos to help. 

Fix Major Issues

Over time properties deteriorate and structural damage emerges. This could be roof problems, or issues with the foundations. Usually a valuation is carried out on properties before sales and the result can affect the price and prospects of having it sold. Don’t take any chances and fix any major issues. 

Although it might seem expensive to fix major property issues it can raise the asking price, help your home to be sold more quickly, and protect the asset. Special loans exist for this kind of work that you can access with customer service for new build homes. You don’t have to worry too much about the cost of the work, once the property is sold the loan is paid back. 

Showhome Your Property

Buyers who come to look at your property want to imagine themselves living there. This is harder to do if your personality is all over the place in the form of picture, artwork, and general clutter. You can increase the chances of your property being sold if you make an effort to clean it up, take down your lovely art and make it sterile. 

Making your home look like a showhome is the best way to make an impression on potential buyers. Subconsciously you encourage them to imagine what they would do with the place and it already feels a little bit like their home. You want to facilitate this process instead of resisting it. 

Consider its Curb Appeal

When buyers come to visit your home they see it for the first time when approaching it. This is effectively the first impression they get, although you will have another chance to make an impression inside. The curb appeal  however, is far more significant than you might think. It sets the scene for the visit.

There are two ways you can approach your curb appeal. You can make a property stand out on the street by painting the doors and hanging flower baskets. This impression might appeal to extroverts. Conversely, you can install a door that fits in with the street, something that will be appreciated by neighbourly people. 

Make it Green 

More than ever before people want to buy properties that have some green infrastructure. They are more likely to invest in a home that has excellent insulation, solar panels, and an eco-boiler. If you invest in your property in this way you can increase the asking price and improve your chances of shifting the property on the market. This is the savvy way to sell a home.

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