Put Your Property to Work


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The bricks and mortar you live in is probably your biggest asset.  Instead of just waiting for house prices to increase in value to make money on it, why not get it working for you now? The problem with the values going up is that it is not just happening to yours. The houses all around are becoming worth more as well, so if you want to move on to something bigger, for instance, the higher house value is not of much use.


Make Some Tax Free Money


There are not many ways of making money in the UK that is free of tax, but if you have a spare room you can charge a lodger up to £4250 a year under the rent a room scheme, and it will be completely tax-free.  They have to have use of a kitchen and bathroom, but apart from that, you could turn the spare room into a bedsit. There are no restrictions on who the person is that you rent it to, it does not have to be a complete stranger.


Turn Your Home Into A Stage


There is decent money to be made by letting a film crew into your home. This does not mean you and your family have to be in the production. The production company and stage hire people might want to empty your furniture to put their own in, but they are generally very good at putting everything back to normal afterwards.  You usually have to be out of the house while filming is taking place, but if you are being paid £500 a day or more, it is worth the effort.


Thought Of A Boutique Hotel?


If you have spare rooms, you could rent them put to tourists. Then your price is worked out per night and you can earn more money than with a long-term lodger. You can do this to suit yourself at whatever times of year you want, and make some good money by having tourists stay maybe just for long weekends. There are online sites where guests and hosts can see reviews about each other, and you do not have to accept any guest you feel uncomfortable about.


Rent Out Your Drive


If you live anywhere near an airport, city centre or another place where the public go in droves, you could make money if you tarmac or block pave the front of your house and rent out the spaces. Most front gardens when totally hard surfaced will have room for two or maybe more cars.  To park at an airport or in a shopping centre all day can cost upwards of £30. You could rent out your spaces for less than half of that amount and be certain to fill them most days.


Your House Is Full Of Money


You might be surprised at how much money you have sitting in cupboards and wardrobes in the form of things you no longer use. Why not try selling them on sites like eBay, or going to a car boot with some of them. This will not only get you some extra cash, it will make your home easier to keep clean.



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