Real Estate Investments That Make Thorough Sense

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Many people are starting to see that investing money is often a more profitable venture than simply saving it and allowing it to rot in a bank account. Of course, certain investment firms have been known to completely wipe out the live savings of many when they fail, such as Bernie Madoff’s incredibly large Ponzi scheme, which wiped almost 65 billion dollars of value in an instant during its collapse.

However, personal investments, those you can manage with care, are often a great use of your time and energies. One of the most popular forms of investment of this nature is in real estate. This is because real estate can be defined, value-wise, by multiple different measures. Additionally, provided you calculate well, read the market appropriately, and improve your assets, you may gain a tidy sum by the end of your pursuit.

That being said, an investment is not only a good idea for those hoping to make a return, but those hoping to improve and expand their life situation. For that reason, we hope to list and explore the following real estate marketing opportunities.

Rental Apartments

Renting apartments can be a great idea if you have the startup funds and wish to preserve a property for some time. Of course, some may decide to expand and use their portfolio to grow to more properties, but some may just wish to use services like AirBNB to rent their property in the short-term. Efforts like this are becoming more and more popular, especially for those with a second home. After all, curating a retirement or holiday home can be a valuable investment to make, but it’s unlikely that you’ll live there year-round. To that extent, renting out the property can help it earn its way over the years. 

Just be sure you’re able to invest correct maintenance into the property, ensure security, license correctly depending on the host country the property resides in, and from there promote your offering. Additionally, we must be ready to accept sunken costs such as property damage or a reduction in value due to unforeseen environmental or financial happenstances. Furthermore, renting out your apartment or property is more than just opening your doors for business, you need to ensure that the rental experience, maintenance of the property and relational interaction you engage with are top-notch, and you treat this as a side business.

Holiday/Retirement Homes

Of course, for some it may simply be motivation enough to curate a home to retire in one day. A vacationing or holiday home can also serve as a great means of saving money on your holidays each year, as accommodation is already being paid for. Not only that, but it may serve as a fantastic home to help your children explore the world for the first time in their maturity, as they will be familiar with the area. Holiday homes, measured as an investment based on the past ten-years of local housing market performance, can potentially even allow you to one day sell up for a greater sum of money and move onto greener pastures, especially if selling your current house. Not only this, but owning a property in a country for a number of years is a fantastic way of securing potential avenues of citizenship as you move forward and develop your future.

House Flipping

House flipping is dramatically improving in popularity due to the democratization of construction and interior design knowledge found online. No longer is this an arcane art for which you have to study for years to understand, now the tasteful application of getting the most out of a home can thoroughly enhance its value, and with local hired help and hired machinery, constructing your own home (in a carefully-planned manner) can allow a certain property to renew itself and take on new vigor.

House flipping (even now popularized by video games), is a fantastic measure of turning some startup capital into a one or two-year-long project, from which you can benefit greatly. Then, the process can restart once more, potentially giving you further options as you move forward with care and attention, and have learned from your past mistakes. For instance, searching for the best condo abroad, learning the planning permission requirements, converting said property into the best holiday home you would like to see, and then offering it on the market, potentially open to ex-pats like you, could grant you a unique position in how strong your selling stance is.

Of course, there’s much more than just financial investment required here. Intellectual, physical and emotional effort must be invested into each property, and it’s likely that you’ll start from scratch and make real mistakes on the way. That being said, if you’re looking for a career in property development and have the startup funds, there’s no law saying you cannot get started right away.

Commercial Property

Commercial real estate can be a vital underpinning for many businesses hoping to expand, or express their possible growth in markets they may not have access to. For instance, purchasing property in Malaysia for business meetings, or to accommodate international employees can be a great use of your time.

After all, deep research needs to be conducted if you’re to expand into a foreign market. Not only that, but the underpinning nature of an asset’s value can grow and be developed, and real estate is certainly a reliable part of this. We would recommend understanding the commercial operating laws regarding certain property you invest in, because zoning laws, maintenance and registration requirements can all have a massive effect on how effectively you manage this essential asset.

To Summarize

To put things quite simply, real estate investment can be a fantastic opportunity, but it is never a guaranteed gold mine, nor does it require anything less than your full attention and effort. Additionally, measuring outside forces to ensure your calculations are correct and predictable is crucial. If you can balance these objectives, the odds are that you’ll progress with care and clarity.

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