Real World Marketing for Digital Businesses

The online world is where you’ll be conducting most of your operations if you’re a digital business, but that’s not the only place you should be focusing your attention. It’s often overlooked, but the people that use the internet are the same people who are out there in the real world. So while you should be ensuring that your digital marketing operations are watertight, you should also take a look at marketing your company in the real world too. If you’ve never done this, then take a look at some of our suggestions of some effective ways to do this below.

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In the Community

You’ll be offering your products all over the country (and perhaps all over the world), but don’t forget the community where you’re based. The people there can become the backbone of your success, especially since they’ll have more of a connection to your company than people who live further away. One way to market in your local area is to do good things. For example, you could sponsor a sports team, or donate a portion of your income to a good cause in the area. This isn’t just about marketing, either: it’s also about doing the right thing in the area you call home. 

Pop-Up Stands

One of the best ways to get the word out about your business is to hold a pop-up event, where you can showcase your products and services. This is beneficial in numerous ways; it allows you to get face to face with your target demographic, for example. You’ll also expose your company’s offerings to people who may otherwise not have come across them before. Also, they can be fun. You’ll want to pick a place frequented by your target demographic for your stand to get the best results.

Promotional Materials

Most of your marketing materials will be digital-based, but you can also look at producing “real” materials items too. One good way to do this is to produce a booklet which outlines all there is to know about your business. Duplo International specializes in professional printing, so get in touch with them to produce your booklet. Where you hand these out will depend on the type of business you have. It could be that you deliver them at trade events (more on those below), or that you mail them directly to the customers in your sales funnel. 

Attending Trade Shows

Trade shows are vastly underrated by some business owners. They can be highly beneficial! There aren’t too many places where you can present your company to people who already have an interest in what you offer, but that’s just what trade shows allow.

Hosting Events 

Finally, could you host events? These are a great way to celebrate and market your company at the same time. The type of event will depend on the type of business you have. It doesn’t have to be directly related, but should be thematically in sync with your business, and should also be fun so it’s worth people’s while! If you were interested in holding a virtual event, you could use a show flow template that offers an overview of the structure of the virtual event.

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