Receipt Hog: Make Money Scanning Your Receipts

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UPDATE ON 31 AUGUST 2020: Unfortunately Receipt Hog will be shutting down operations within the UK on October 1st 2020 at 12am BST. Since they are ceasing operations in the UK and will no longer be available in the UK, there is an opportunity for participation in another service not run by Receipt Hog but rather run by Nielsen called Storewards. 

When you go shopping, what do you do with your receipts? I’m sure the majority of people would answer that they either stuff them in a bag or throw them in the bin. Before I knew about using Receipt Hog to make money, I wouldn’t even get a receipt when I purchased anything from a shop.

You may have heard of using your receipts to make money from Wombling, but did you know you can also make money from taking photos of your receipts?


What Is Receipt Hog?

Receipt Hog is a free mobile app that turns your shopping receipts into cash rewards. You can simply use your phone’s camera to take photos of your supermarket or high street shopping receipts, and upload them to the app.

In exchange for your receipts, you’ll receive coins which can then be exchanged for Amazon vouchers or withdrawn as cash via PayPal, and the app is available on both iOS and Android.

The more receipts you submit, the more rewards you earn! You can earn sweepstakes entries, coins and/or slots where you can spin to win bonus coins, just from snapping your receipts.


Which Receipts Earn Rewards?

You can earn rewards from pretty much any retailer, from major retailers to local businesses.

Types of retailers you can earn rewards from include:

  • Supermarket / Groceries
  • Chemist
  • Pet shops
  • Toy shops
  • Newsagents
  • Off-licenses
  • Discounted / Bargain shops

Examples of these retailers include Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Spar, Morrisons, Asda and Waitrose.

Receipts from other retailers are classed as Spin-Receipts, and every Spin-Receipt earns you a spin on the Hog Slots, where you can win anything from 2 coins to your most recent shopping trip’s total spend in coins!

You can earn Hog Slots from:

  • Home improvement and furnishings
  • Arts and crafts shops
  • Electrical shops
  • Sports and outdoors shops
  • Book stores
  • Office equipment suppliers
  • Clothing retailers
  • Department stores

Other receipts can earn you an entry into the monthly sweepstakes draw, where every month you can win anything from 20, 200 or even 5,000 coins.

You can earn Sweepstake entries with:

  • Receipts for gas / petrol 
  • Receipts from restaurants and bars
  • Receipts from bakeries, delis and cafes

Receipts that don’t qualify for rewards include hand-written receipts, receipts older than 14 days, receipts not printed from a cash register, invoices, delivery notes and cinema tickets.

There are other limitations to how often you can upload receipts as you can only upload up to 3 receipts from the same shop with the same transaction date.

And although you can earn bonuses for the more receipts you upload per week, you are limited to only being able to upload up to 20 coins every week. This is something to be aware of it you are a wombler!

Uploading Receipts to Receipt Hog

Once you have set up your account, you can begin uploading your receipts. On the Receipt Gog app, you can access the camera by pressing the camera icon at the bottom of the app.

When uploading receipts, you will need to make sure the following items are visible on the photograph:

  • The name of the shop
  • Transcation amount
  • The items purchased
  • Transaction date

If you have a long receipt, you may need to add a few photos to the entry so you can match the long receipt up. Once you’ve taken a clear photo on a flat surface that you’re happy with, you’ll need to tap to say who was with you in the shop, and to rate your experience.

How Much Can I Earn With Receipt Hog?

How much you earn per receipt you submit really depends on how much the transactions are and how many receipts you upload. If you upload enough to earn 100 coins per week, it could take as little as two months to earn your first reward.

If you spend less than £10 you’ll earn 5 coins per receipts. If you spend £10-£50 you’ll receive 10 coins. A spend between £50-£100 will earn you 15 coins, and if you spend more than £100, you’ll get 20 coins.

Once you have earned 100 coins in one week, any receipts you upload after that will earn you 5 coins and a sweepstake entry.


What Rewards Can I Claim?

It will depend on how much you are spending to determine how long it will take you to cash out your rewards, although this is how much your points are worth and what rewards you can claim:

Amazon Vouchers

  • £3 – 1,000 coins
  • £10 – 2,850 coins
  • £20 – 5,300 coins
  • £50 – 12,000 coins


  • £5 – 1,500 coins
  • £10 – 2,850 coins
  • £20 – 5,300 coins
  • £50 – £12,000 coins


  • £5 – 1,500 coins
  • £10 – 2,850 coins
  • £20 – 5,300 coins
  • £50 – 12,000 coins

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