Simple Ways to Make Money From The Comfort of Your Own Car

Today, the cost of driving is becoming increasingly expensive.  Not only has fuel become sustainably expensive, in the sense that not too long ago we were all up in arms about a litre of fuel going over the £1 mark… whereas, today, we seem to have accepted that we’re likely to be paying close to £1.30 per litre of petrol.

Additionally, insurance premiums have risen quite dramatically as has the price to park your vehicle and, in some cases, tax your car – depending on what car you drive.

In summary, driving is an expensive convenience that few of us can live without.  It’s the sort of convenience that once you’ve had it, you can’t imagine life without it, and therefore we tend to always find a way to keep driving no matter the financial cost.


In this post, I’m going to flip the cost of driving on its head and look at some simple ways to make money from your car.  Admittedly, these aren’t going to turn you into a millionaire but they can be a good stream of revenue to help make an extra £100 a day in your spare time.


Delivery Driving

Today, you can work for a delivery company and use your car to deliver parcels.  This is a particularly good option with Christmas coming up, and whilst you might need a reasonable sized car to make it worth your while, such as an estate, these flexible freelance contracts tend to offer you the opportunity to make some extra cash – particularly if you’re free during the day, when most deliveries take place.

Rent Your Car Out

In a similar way to how you can rent out a spare room with AirBnB to make some extra cash, you can now rent out your car using a similar peer-to-peer model.  This is most popular in the states, however it is gaining traction throughout the UK.


Private Collection

You don’t need a huge van in order to pick up and deliver items from places such as Ikea and  Indeed, you have to remember that some people don’t have a car, and therefore, the mere fact you drive and have a vehicle can be of high value to people without a car.  This can be a quick and easy way to make extra cash that is also very flexible, as it can fit around a full time job, and often tends to take place at evenings and weekends.  The challenge is finding customers, but this can be as simple as putting up some postcards in shop windows and advertising for free on Gumtree (which is where many people buy the items from) or utilise the targeted power of Facebook Ads.


Presuming your car is in a decent condition and pretty new, there are companies that will pay to advertise on your car.  This is a passive way to make income, as you aren’t having to do anything extra – it’s just not necessarily what everyone would want from their vehicle, in the sense it could feel a little embarrassing.


Hopefully this post has given you a few extra ideas on how to make some extra cash!


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