Six Super Solutions To Save Cash On Your Utility Bills

It doesn’t matter which way you spin it; utility bills are on the up. Heating or eating is a topic that comes up often in online forums, as the cost to heat a home has risen so high, people are forced to choose between staying warm and feed themselves. It’s a sad state of affairs but it’s one that has to be tackled early so that no one has to make that choice. The key? Learning how to save money so that your utilities don’t dominate your budget. With that in mind, here are six super ways that you can save money on your bills this year.


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Stop Using Cash!

If you switch to using automatic direct payments, companies will give you a percentage off your annual bill. Nearly all energy companies choose to save the best deals for the customers that join them online. If you log on and start your energy contract that way, you can save cash. Paying by cash or check isn’t good for the environment and you can stop that today, just by chatting to your energy company.

Larger Tanks

If your home heating is run with a tank of oil that you top up a couple of times a year, then you could be making more savings with bunded oil tanks. They currently exceed all storage regulations, which means you’re getting more than will last you longer. It’s always worth making sure that you are getting the most for your money.

Layer Up

The heating doesn’t have to go on the second the sun goes in and the temperature drops. By putting your heating on in short bursts, you’re using more energy and thus more money. Start by adding a cardigan or a pair of fluffy slippers and wait until the mercury really drops outside before worrying about putting the heating on inside.

Switch Off

If you’ve got a bad habit of leaving the lights on, it’s time to learn to turn them off as you move through the house. Energy saving light bulbs can knock a decent amount off your bill, but the trick will be in turning the lights out as you leave a room. There’s just no need for a lit room with no one in it.

Close The Curtains

You need to avoid the heating slipping out of the house as much as possible, which is why hanging heavy winter curtains on all your windows is good practice. Heat leaves the house through the gaps and cracks around doors and windows, so covering them up is just good sense.

Don’t Estimate

As much as possible, avoid estimated bills. You need to have exact numbers if you want to get it right. Check your meters monthly and know what you’re using so you can balance your budget right.

Your utilities are an important part of your monthly budget. If you’re not paying them correctly, then you could be owed money back. Take the time to learn what you are paying and why and you can make some serious savings.


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