The Benefits Of MDF Skirting Boards

Looking to get some new, or replace your old skirting boards but aren’t sure whether to get MDF
skirting boards or not?

Not only are skirting boards a great decorative feature, they also have a practical function as well.
Skirting boards are able to hide the join between the walls and the floor. They are also great for
hiding blemishes, stopping any draft coming in under the walls, but most importantly, they protect
the base of your walls from every day knocks and bumps.

There are so many reasons why MDF skirting boards are not only the most popular style and
material of skirting.

There are so many places to find great skirting board options, such as Skirting World. Read on to
find out some of the main benefits of installing MDF skirting boards in your home.

Long Lasting

One great benefit of using MDF skirting boards is that they are made to last. When compared with
a softwood, or hardwood alternative, MDF is much more durable.

Unlike some hardwood options that can’t be used in areas of high moisture content, MDF skirting
boards can be used in any room of your home due to them being more water and moisture
resistant. This makes them the perfect choice to go into places such as bathrooms, utility areas, or
even kitchens.

They are also much more resistant to warping with changes in temperature.

Hide Any Wiring

Another great benefit of using MDF skirting boards is to help hide any unsightly wiring you might
have in your home.

It also means you aren’t left with wires hanging around all over the place – not great if you have
young children or pets in your home that like to pull on or chew things!

Covering Gaps

Years ago, the main reason for skirting boards was to hide any blemishes or gaps where the walls
meet the floor.

Whereas these days, although this is still a great benefit of skirting boards, it’s not their sole

Protects From Damage

Every day bumps and scrapes are pretty unavoidable – especially if you have young children in
your home.

However, even using a vacuum cleaner could cause damage to the base of your walls if the
skirting boards weren’t there to help protect it.

Skirting boards are also easier to clean off stains and scuffs than they are from a wall. Also,
skirting boards are more easily replaced or fixed than a section of wall might be.

The Cheapest Option

Of all the materials used to make skirting boards, MDF is the cheapest option. So, if you’re looking
to save a bit of money, MDF skirting boards are the best way to do this.

Once painted, you probably wouldn’t even know the difference either.

MDF skirting boards are also very widely available in the UK, in various styles and sizes. They also
come pre-primed so you’ll be saving time and money not having to do that yourself.

Another great thing about MDF skirting boards is that they are easier and cheaper to install than
most of types of skirting. Watch a few YouTube videos and you might even be able to install them
yourself saving you upwards of £150 per day to have them fitted by a professional.

Would you choose MDF skirting boards for your next renovation project?

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