The Best Games To Beat Boredom

Boredom happens to the best of us, and when it strikes, it can be hard to beat it. When boredom hits, most of us usually find ourselves endlessly scrolling through social media or scouring the TV channels to find something to watch.

If this sounds like you and you are someone who regularly gets bored, it’s time to connect with your inner child and combat boredom by playing games. By playing games, you can fuel your imagination, unlock your creativity and significantly improve your mood.

Here are some financial games to try out to bust the boredom.

Cash Back

Cash back is a game that can help your adding and subtracting skills by virtually learning to give customers on the game the correct change using notes and coins. You can play the game with different difficulty levels, such as easy, medium or hard. You can also access hints if you want the game to show the change amount. The aim of the game is to answer as many questions as you can correctly until you run out of time.

Idle Money Tree

Idle Money Tree is an idle clicker game, that plays on the phrase “does money grow on trees”. The aim of the game is to click the money bags on the tree to collect them. You can repeatedly click on the game to activate a multiplier bonus which can double or triple your earnings, and you can also select floating bags of money which can earn you extra sums of money.

You can also earn money while away from the keyboard, however if you stop clicking for a while it resets your bonus multiplier.


Stocks is another idle clicker game where the goal of the game is to day trade or speculate on a stock to capture price increases. All players start with $500 and play across 30 days, with a goal of liquidating their shares and earning as much profit as they can within a month.

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