The Best Transcription Companies In 2023

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Are you looking for transcription and typing freelance work so you have the ability to work from home? If that sounds like you, I have put together a list of transcription agencies, the skills you need to make money from transcribing, and how much you could get paid from it.

Way With Words

Way With Words hire people to work freelance or full time, and pay them to transcribe anything from medical, legal, entertainment audio and more.

The amount they pay varies based on the type of work you transcribe and it’s urgency, however it is usually between 34p and £1.33 per audio minute. This means that you have the potential to earn between £20.40 to £79.80 per audio hour and they will pay you directly into your bank account for the work you deliver.

Way With Words asks that you have Microsoft Word and software to pay audio and video to apply with them. If your application is successful, they will then recommend a suitable transcription software.

You don’t need experience as a transcriber before you apply with them, because if your application is successful they will guide you through training.


Accuro is a UK based transcription company who specialise in medical and legal transcriptions. They pay their members a pre-agreed rate, which totally depends on the number of speakers on the recording and the sound quality of the file.

Every month they will create an invoice for you which will allow your wages to be paid directly into your bank account.

They say you will need a PC/Laptop with Microsoft Office and a good internet connection. You will need to have recent secretarial experience and be based in the UK to apply with Accuro.

McGowan Transcriptions

McGowan specialise in the transcription of group discussions and interviews, however they have a complex application process and very high quality standards.

The two stage recruitment process involves an initial 5 minute screening test, which is followed by a paid assessment and a training period with live files. You will also undergo data security and CRB checks.

There is currently no information on their website about how much they will pay, although looking at the reviews lots of people have said it’s a lot of work for how much you get paid.

BAM Transcription

BAM Trancription work with the entertainment industry, however you might find yourself transcribing legal files too if you work with BAM.

One day you could be transcribing an interview with a big celebrity, and the next you could be transcribing something like a major court hearing.

To become a transcriber at BAM, you will need to pass a basic skills test, which means it’s a great place to begin if you’re just starting out.

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Take Note

Take Note specialise in audio of focus groups for market research, interview and conferences, and you will need to type up the audio word for word. However, they also offer medical, legal and media transcription work for those who are more experienced in transcription.

Their application process is done in three stages, consisting of a typing speed test, an English Language test and the final stage involves transcribing an audio file, of which someone at Take Note will mark themselves.

Their pay starts at 46p per minute of audio, however it will increase depending on the number of speakers in the audio, and they will pay you directly into your bank account. You could be sent up to 2 hours of audio per day, so it is essential that you have the spare time to complete this.

You must have at least a grade C at English GCSE and a typing speed of at least 65 wpm.

Take 1 Transcription

Take 1 Transcription specialise in TV transcription work, and you must be available for at least 20 hours per week. Their initial recruitment involves a spelling and grammar test, and you will need to have audio typing experience, as well as a typing speed of 80 wpm.

You will then be paid to complete their free online training, which they expect you to complete over a week long period. Their rate of pay starts at around 40p per audio minute, which increases to 60-80p per audio minute after you have settled in.

Sterling Transcription

Sterling Transcription are medical, radiology and financial transcription specialists, who take on freelancers with experience of transcription.

You will be required to work a minimum of 10 hours a week, have a typing speed of at least 60 wpm, with at least 97% accuracy and previous experience using Microsoft Word. You will need to take a hearing test, typing test and quality assurance test.

Rates can vary based on a number of factors, including audio quality, the number of speakers and the type of transcription you are undertaking. You will either be paid per audio minute or per 65 character line, depending on the type of file and client.

Type Out

The majority of Type Out’s work is one to one interviews, focus groups with multiple speakers, legal work and medical reports. To become one of their transcribers, you will need to be a highly experienced typist who is currently working for other transcription companies.

You must also have your own transcription equipment such as a USB foot pedal, sound cancelling headphones and software, and English must be your native language.

As well as this, they require a minimum typing speed of 75 wpm, and a good knowledge of search engines as you will be required to search for words during the transcription process.

Apple Transcription

This company specialises in spoken events such as court hearings, legal conference calls, police interviews, social and market research interviews and focus groups, to name a few.

They require at least 2 years of transcription experience, with experience of multi-speaker transcription, and an accurate typing speed of 70 wpm.

You should also be educated to A Level or equivalent, with good general knowledge and research skills and a good working knowledge of Microsoft Word.

University Transcriptions

They require IT literate transcribers, preferably with the experience of academic transcription. They claim that their application process is fairly complicated and requires you to complete a short sample academic transcription.

You must be UK based, have a typing speed of at least 70 wpm and available at least 10 hours a week.

Their hourly rates of pay depend on the particular piece of work you are completing, the number of speakers in the audio and the turnaround times of the work.

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