The Low-Cost Way To Move Your Home Business Into An Office

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When you run a successful business from home, moving your enterprise to larger commercial premises is a natural thing to do. Of course, you want to keep your costs as low as possible, as you’ll have new overheads to cover, and you still want to remain profitable.

Thankfully, moving your home business into a new office workspace is possible without blowing your budget on things like rental leases and maintenance costs. Want to know the secrets? Take a look at these powerful tips to upgrade from your home office:

Consider A Co-Working Space

A co-working space is where you share an office with other business owners. For instance, you could have a large office area with a meeting room, kitchen, and toilet facilities and only pay for the office space you occupy (such as a desk and chair).

It’s also an excellent way to network with other entrepreneurs and forge working relationships and partnerships with them all under the one roof.

Co-working spaces are highly affordable for home business owners who aren’t quite ready to lease a large office workspace.

Sub-Lease From Another Business Tenant

Aside from co-working spaces, another way to have an office space without the entire expense is by sub-leasing from an existing office tenant.

The concept is similar to co-working, except that you’re renting your workspace from someone that’s leased or owns the entire office from a third party.

Sub-leasing differs from co-working in that the entity sub-leasing your office workspace is doing so on an ad-hoc rather than a permanent basis.

Opt For Minimal Furniture

Did you know that a significant expense by home business owners moving into commercial premises for the first time is furniture? If you’re working to a tight budget, buying as few items as possible makes sense.

Consider opting for multiple-use furniture for your new office. For example, an office sit stand desk can make sense if space is at a premium and you’re unlikely to sit down much at your desk.

Use Pre-Loved Furniture And Equipment

There is no rule anywhere which states business owners have to purchase brand-new items. With that in mind, be savvy with your spending and kit out your new office workspace with pre-loved furniture and equipment.

It might shock you to learn how cheaply you can purchase the things you need in excellent condition. Often, you might come across clearance furniture from businesses that have closed down or decided to buy different furniture and equipment.

Keep Your Phone And Internet Costs Down

Lastly, one fact you’ll discover about moving your home business into a commercial office space is how the price for essential Internet and telephone services is significantly higher than what people pay for their homes.Fortunately, you have a few options to connect to the Internet and be contactable by telephone.  For example, invest in a virtual phone number that automatically redirects to your mobile phone and set up a WiFi hotspot on your device to share with your laptop.

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