The Unforseen Moving Costs You Need To Budget For

Moving house is very stressful, there is no denying that fact. Selling your current property, getting the asking price and making sure that you have found something yourself. There are so many twists and turns to the moving process, that often the costs can spiral out of control. That is because many people don’t have the necessary budget for them. 

The truth is, we all have to face this at some stage, especially if we are on the property ladder. It could be that you find that you need a bigger space or have to move for your job. Whatever the reason, the costs can spiral out of control if you are not careful. So here are some of the unforeseen moving costs you might experience. Hopefully highlighting them to you will help you to budget accordingly. 

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The actual moving costs

One of the things that you can forget about is the actual cost of moving and this means things like the removal van and also the packing side of things. You can often forget that you need to be able to transport your larger items of furniture from one place to another, and it can’t always be done with a small van or in the car. It might be worth speaking to a removal company who can give you a truck and also may even be able to pack your home up and unload at the other end. It can be a great investment and save you the stress of doing it yourself. It will be worth getting a few quotes for different options so you can decide what would be best for you.

The legal side of things 

The next thing that you may not have thought about would be the legal side of things. This again is a cost that you need to consider early on as it needs to be paid within the balance and also the completion of the buying and selling process. It is also a good idea to get a solicitor in your local area who can help you when it comes to buying a property so that you can easily visit to sign and hand over documentation. The legal aspect is an essential part of the moving process, and prices can vary, so again it is worth doing your research and factoring the cost into your budget. 

Fees for settling mortgages early

A big thing that so many people forget about is their mortgage deals and the fees that may be involved. You may have just renewed your deal before deciding you want to sell, or maybe you are in a fixed rate deal for a certain period and haven’t considered the get out costs. There may be hidden fees so check it to ensure that you factor that into your budget. 

Cost of living in the area you are moving to

This one is something that is likely to not be considered very much at all, that is until you fill your car up with fuel or notice that it is more expensive to eat out. You might have realised that the cost of properties were higher or different, and this can be reflected in yoru cost of living. While you can’t necessarily budget for it, you can try and work out the expenditure that you might incur each month so that you can be ready for any slight increases. It may only be slight, but over the year these costs can really mount up. 

New furniture and those first few weeks 

Finally, the things that we don’t think about that might end up costing during the moving process is the first few weeks and the new property itself. You may need furniture that fits, or perhaps you haven’t considered that you will need to go to a big food shop because you have eaten things up before you moved home. There might be added takeaways or convenience, extra child care costs to cover to help you have some time to sort out the new place or you simply just want to get things looking their best from the word go. Try and create a little list so that you can be more aware of the spending to come. This could help you to budget more effectively. 

So there you have it, the unforeseen costs that you might incur when moving property. Let’s hope these tips help you to budget for moving home so there are no nasty surprised. 

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