Ways To Reduce Your Hot Tub Energy Costs

Let’s admit that hot tubs are fun to have at home. A marvelous place to spend time with family, but there’s no denying the fact that it increases the energy bill for obvious reasons. Like all the other electric applications, new hot tubs are also coming up with reduced energy costs, but still, there are more ways to reduce them. There are several factors that play a major role in your overall bills, such as the temperature of where you live, the use of the hot tub, the quality, and many other factors. However, here are the five ways you can reduce the energy cost of your hot tub; 

  1. Change the Old Hot Tub Cover 

Heat loss in hot tubs is a major problem, resulting in excessive electricity costs as it puts more pressure on the tub to produce heat. Hot tub covers have a foam to give insulation and the foam is surrounded by a plastic vapor barrier as it is essential to keep it safe from the water. Yet, the barrier tends to break down with time and becomes heavier. The water trapped in the foam hampers the overall insulating quality of the tub and this is where you need to replace your hot tub cover with a new one that has a full foam seal. If you are not planning to change the old hot tub cover, you can also check new High end hot tubs for sale from Aqua Warehouse.

  1. Economy Mode

As the name makes evident, this mode is made to save your money. We all go on vacations or don’t use the tub for a while. In such conditions, you can set the hot tub to “Economy mode”. When the hot tub is in economy mode, it won’t constantly heat the water, but rather heat it only during the filtration times. In simpler words, your heater runs less and it does not cost you a lot of bills. Only turn on this feature if you’re not planning to use the tub or going on a vacation. 

  1. Fix the leaks 

Leaks are surely troubling for the owner. A hot tub has a very effective insulating mechanism that prevents the heat from escaping away. However, leaks are inevitable and the foam can become waterlogged. You have to keep in check the leaks. If you witness any leaks in your hot tub, get them fixed right away as even minor leaks can cause long-term problems. Even if you have fixed the leak, make sure you have changed the wet foam and replaced it with a dry one. Foam insulation is one of the most effective ways to keep the heat in a hot tub, as air bubbles are a much better insulator than water.  

  1. Change Old Filters 

Hot tub filters get dirty with time and it becomes highly important to change them. A dirty filter doesn’t allow the water to pass easily and this puts a load on pumps as they have to work harder. Pumps and filters are responsible for properly filtering the water. Pulling the water through a dirty filter can hamper the durability of a pump. Clean your pump once every one or two weeks by putting them under running water to remove debris and large dirt particles which are responsible for stopping the flow of water during filtration. Apart from dirt, oil and lotions can also get clogged in the filter. To clean them, use a chemical solution once every 2-3 months to clean the filters. 

  1. Add Extra Insulation 

Effective insulation plays the most important role in reducing your hot tub energy cost. New hot tubs usually come with advanced insulating features, but old hot tubs surely need your attention. You can add additional insulation around the cabinet of the hot tub, as it will allow the tub to trap more heat. Pumps and heaters would not put extra work to keep the tub heated. Yet, you need to be careful when insulating the cabinet. Don’t isolate the cabinet vents as pumps require air to cool themselves. Otherwise, they might get overheated and collapse. Take all the tips into consideration when planning to reduce the energy cost of your hot tub. 

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