Ways You Can Spend Less on Entertainment without Losing the Fun

The rising cost of living has made people look for ways to cut costs on some things they don’t
find basic. Entertainment is a good source of fun, but cutting costs to help you save more is
even better. People will always indulge in different activities to entertain themselves, but
many activities can be done within a budget. Below are some ways of spending less on
entertainment but maintaining the fun.

Opting for Free TV Programs rather than subscriptions.

Old televisions offer free programs that do not require subscriptions. The programs are
equally full of fun and enlightenment. You can watch free-to-air channels on your television.
There are options such as on YouTube that are equally suitable for you to find good content.
Even if you opt for a subscription, stick to one subscription for premium channels. You can
do one at any point and time. For example, it doesn’t make sense to subscribe to similar apps
simultaneously, yet they offer the same entertainment services. You’re advised to choose just
one to reduce costs.

Share Subscription Membership

Living with a friend or family in the same apartment encourages you to split the cost of a paid
membership of any subscription, be it Netflix or any other subscription. Shared membership
gives both parties access to movies and TV streaming for a shared cost instead of everyone
having their own subscription.

You could opt to pay for a subscription that supports one device instead of multiple devices.
This will avoid having to pay extra yet not all devices are often connected to the
entertainment app. Or you can cut your subscription fee by sharing with a spouse or
roommate. Members who have jointly subscribed to the Apple TV app on Mac receive a free
household card to share with another person over 18 who lives at the same address.

Mac computers can support one or more external displays, depending on the model. You can
always decide to use supporting apps such as https://setapp.com/how-to/watch-apple-tv-on-mac to enable you to share and benefit everyone in the same building since you can use
external display mode on other devices. You may use an external display such as a Projector.
Since a projector covers a more expansive viewing wall than a television, many people can
watch programs, thus saving costs on subscription and power (electricity) since there is no
need to get more than a single TV set or a personal computer.

Finding Alternatives to Costly Hobbies

Many people often think having fun must include spending a lot of money on hobbies.
However, it is preferable to choose hobbies for which you spend little or no money.

Examples of such hobbies include attending free events, using your hobbies to make money,
i.e., selling your art, and crafting artefacts.

Spending Time Reading Books

Reading is an exciting and enjoyable form of entertainment. You don’t have to buy new
expensive books all the time; you can acquire an already-read one or borrow one from a
friend. Going to read in the library is equally good. Libraries have many books you may not
even be able to read in a lifetime.

Create and Stick to Your Budget When You go Partying

Alcohol is always the expensive part of all parties therefore, it is crucial that you are
conscious of the decision that you make as you enjoy yourself. You can choose to carry only
what you will use when you go partying or you can buy a different kind of gift that is more
affordable if it was a party invite. Furthermore, you can choose to reduce the amount you take
or stop whenever you feel you have had enough. Such small decisions will help you spend
less yet still enjoy yourself when you go out. You could also decide to have drinks at home
and have a houseparty or get together in the house. You will realise you will not have spent
so much and yet you and your friends had a blast. It is not impossible to stick on a budget and
still go partying. These are habits that you learn to adjust to, especially if you tend to be a


It is practical to minimize your entertainment expenditure without losing the fun you have
always had. You can always enjoy yourself without incurring expenses.

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