What is life like in retirement residence?

Care homes in the past may have had a reputation for being boring, with nothing to do and nothing going on. However, the care homes of today are far from this old stereotype. If you are considering leaving your own home and starting your care home journey, whether it’s for you or for a relative or friend, there are many things to weigh up and consider.

The idea of independent living in an upscale development with lots of fun activities, people of a similar age to socialise with, and access to support whenever you need it has strong appeal.

There are different types of retirement residences, including the most commonly known residential care home. Residential care homes are fairly standard and you may have a more independent style of living here, with occasional assistance needed with tasks such as washing and getting dressed.

You also have nursing homes. If you live in a nursing home and have a deteriorating health condition, it’s unlikely you’ll be as active as someone in residential care.

However, nursing home care staff still do their upmost to ensure that residents feel cared for and comfortable 24 7 – and if they feel like joining in activities, that they are supported to do so.

Something that lots of people struggle with when moving to a care home is the sentimental value of leaving their home. Sometimes the resident may not want to leave their home and live in a care home due to sentimental values, or because they feel like they are losing their independence.

However, it’s often for the best that they move to a care home, and to make it as smooth a transition as possible, make sure that the resident takes with them their belongings, familiar items and has access to the things they enjoy doing, such as watching TV.

Care homes are very beneficial for residents as they have fully trained and qualified staff that will provide care around the clock. This is viewed as a massive pull factor in choosing a care home as having care available all hours of the day helps make sure the resident is safe and invulnerable. Living in a home with other people of a similar age allows friendships to be made. Most care homes also run social activities for residents, allowing them to socialise and enjoy the time spent living in a care home.

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