What’s It Like To Live in the UK as a Foreign National?

The United Kingdom is an incredibly diverse country with a rich multinational culture–at least, if you live in some place like London or Birmingham. The UK sees a lot of immigrants, overseas students, and even international workers. Thanks to all of the multicultural heritage and hotspots in the country, it’s fairly easy for someone to become a foreign national and feel right at home in the UK.

But what’s it really like for someone to come to the UK and live here? We’ve put together some information to show what life is like as a foreign national in the UK.

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What is a foreign national?

Before we start, let’s define what a foreign national is. In the UK, a foreign national is simply someone who is not a British citizen but chooses to live in the UK.

For instance, overseas students in the UK are considered foreign nationals. They live and study in the UK for months or even years, and during this time they are considered foreign nationals. You may also be labeled as a foreign national and be entitled to certain benefits if you work in the UK, start a business here, or even marry someone from the UK.

Why would you want to be a foreign national in the UK?

Becoming a foreign national affords you many benefits in the UK. For example:

  • You’ll get access to a higher quality of life thanks to the UK’s high standard of living.
  • You’ll be able to use excellent healthcare, education, and other infrastructure amenities.
  • The UK is a safe and stable country that is diverse with many cultures, all of which are accepting of foreign nationals.
  • You can live in a global gateway with access to markets across the world and job opportunities from many different companies.
  • There’s a strong economy in the UK with a fairly low unemployment rate.
  • You get to enjoy the beautiful British countryside!

Can you buy a house as a foreign national in the UK?

You could be eligible for a Tier 2 visa mortgage if you possess a Tier 2 visa. This is a visa that gives you the right to live, work, and study in the UK for as long as you like. You can apply for benefits and you are still allowed to apply for indefinite leave to remain if you meet the requirements.

The processes involved in getting a Tier 2 visa can be complicated and hard to understand, so it’s best to check the official GOV.UK website. There are also other ways to purchase a house as a foreign national in the UK, but it’ll be easier to check based on your visa status.

Some final words

Whether you want to study, work, or grow your business in the UK, there are many benefits to becoming a foreign national here. You’re allowed to do things that any other British person would do such as buying or renting properties, accessing healthcare, and even receiving benefits. It’s a welcoming country for foreigners which is why there are so many students and workers migrating to the UK.

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