Why You Should Save Money For When Things Fall Apart

Saving money is so important in this life, yet we all seem to struggle to do it. So many of us have so many commitments, so many outgoings, and so many things that just make it hard to save. Of course, we’re all pretty bad at indulging in some way or another, leading to more money flying out the bank than we would hope for. But if you know that’s not the culprit for you, then it must just be the fact that life is just so damn expensive at the minute. And with age does not come experience, as you might think. Age brings you more problems, and more responsibilities that you have to try and live up to. But this is just when things are all plain sailing. What happens when things start falling apart around you, and you feel like all you ever seem to be doing is spending a ton of money to fix things? Well, there’s plenty of things you can do to try and soften the blow, because often these things come at the worst time, and are just part of the adult life that we have to try and get used to. So we’re going to try and help you save some money, when things are really falling apart around you, because we know how bad it can be!

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Saving Money On Major Repairs

There are two things that commonly fall about, and that’s cars and the home. When you car falls apart, so does the rest of your life. You have to start relying on other people to get you places, the garage will bombard you with all different types of costs, and it can honestly just get a little bit stressful. But to save a little bit of money when and if you car does break down, you should think about shopping online. From peugeot parts to old Golf parts, you can find it all. It’s all about shopping smartly, and not just going off the price that the garage gives you, because they’re usually charging an absolute fortune!

Preparing For The Worst

Sometimes all you can do is prepare for the worst, even if you don’t know what’s coming. So to save money when things start falling apart, you first need to save money to start with. Having that safety net is so important for so many of you, and we know you might be missing out on it at the minute. Although saving is hard, it only requires you to save a little bit each month, to build up enough to have something to fall back on. A good rule to follow, is to save 10% of your paycheck each month. If you know you’re someone who always dips right back into their savings as soon as you put them in, why not think about giving it to a family member to look after. That way, they’ll only give it you back in emergencies, and you’ll know that you have something to fall back on. Hopefully this helps to reduce a little bit of the panic that you might feel!


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