Envelope Stuffing Jobs: Scam or Legit Opportunity?

In the world of work from home or side hustle opportunities, envelope stuffing jobs are often promoted as an easy way to make extra money. These jobs involve stuffing envelopes with promotional material or other items and sending them out to recipients. While it may seem like a simple and legitimate job, envelope stuffing jobs have a notorious reputation for being a scam. In this blog post, we will explore the truth behind envelope stuffing jobs and help you make an informed decision.

The Envelope Stuffing Job Scam

The envelope stuffing job scam usually involves a company promising to pay individuals money for stuffing envelopes. They ask for individuals to pay an upfront fee, which is typically used to purchase materials and cover shipping costs. In return, the individual receives a set of envelopes and promotional material to stuff and send out.

However, once the individual sends out the envelopes, they realize that there are no actual customers or orders – the envelopes are just going out into empty space. Instead of making money, the individual ends up wasting time and losing their original investment.

The Reality of Envelope Stuffing Jobs

While there are legitimate companies that offer envelope stuffing jobs, they are few and far between. In general, these jobs do not require any special skills or qualifications and pay a low wage, often just a few cents per envelope. The cost of materials, such as envelopes and stamps, further reduces the earning potential.

Because the pay is so low, envelope stuffing jobs are not a viable source of income and are better suited as a short-term opportunity to make some extra cash. Additionally, with more efficient technology and streamlined mailing processes, the demand for this type of work has decreased significantly.

How to Spot Envelope Stuffing Job Scams

To avoid envelope stuffing job scams and protect yourself, keep the following tips in mind:

Research the Company: Before investing any money or time into an envelope stuffing job, research the company and verify its legitimacy. Check for reviews, references, and any news articles that might expose them as a scam.

Don’t Pay Upfront Fees: Legitimate companies should never ask you to pay upfront fees for materials or other costs. If a company insists on receiving money before they pay you, it’s most likely a scam.

Be Wary of Promises: If a company promises you a high income or tries to sell the idea of envelope stuffing as a get-rich-quick opportunity, it’s most likely a scam, as the reality of envelope stuffing jobs is much less lucrative.


Envelope stuffing jobs may seem like an easy and legitimate way to make some extra money, but in reality, they are usually a scam. While there are some legitimate companies that offer this type of work, the earning potential is low, and the demand for envelope stuffers has decreased over time.

When pursuing any work from home or side hustle opportunity, always research the company and be wary of upfront fees or promises of high earnings. In the case of envelope stuffing jobs, it’s often best to avoid them altogether and focus on more viable ways to make extra money.

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