How To Date Whilst Maintaining Social Distancing

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The past few months have been the some of the toughest times that I have ever experienced, and it’s crazy to think that the pandemic will be a huge event in history and something that people will talk about for many years to come. It has affected us all in different ways and for some single people, it may have been the best or the worst experience of your dating life. As some restrictions are being lifted, it is becoming easier every day to resume dating and pick up where you left off. Today I want to write a post about how to date while social distancing and sticking to all the government guidelines.

Online dating sites have seen a massive surge in their user statistics, as many people are turning to meet someone that way due to all pubs, restaurants and clubs still being closed, which means there are less ways to stumble into the ‘love of your life’.

And although there was a point during lockdown where we could only go for 1 form of exercise a day, this has now been lifted and we are entitled to as many daily walks as you would like. This may be a good place to start when it comes to social distanced dating, as you can still remain the required distance apart and have a good time and get to know each other. You could even have a picnic when you are on your walk, and you can save some money by bringing your own food rather than popping to the shop to get some things (unless you want to stand in endless queues!).

If you live in Belfast, and you are looking into Belfast dating, there are plenty of places you could meet. And if you haven’t already considered it, it might be the best decision you could make turning to a Belfast dating site.

Another socially distanced lockdown date idea is going for a bike ride, although this may be more suitable for a 2nd or even 3rd date, as it may not give you much chance to chat or get to know each other. Socially distanced dates are a new idea to everyone, so don’t feel nervous or awkward on your date, it is just better to tell your date how you are feeling. You may even be more excited when it comes to going to a bar for a date as it will be a new experience for you both!

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach that has reopened, how about going for a walk along the beach or a swim in the sea? You may as well make the most of the lovely weather we are having! It could be a great way to bond and make a connection with each other, although make sure you maintain the two metre distancing rule. A long sunset walk along the beach will be very romantic if you are both into that sort of thing, and could be a great way to start a relationship!

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