Unique Wedding Gift Ideas You May Not Have Considered!

If you have been invited to a wedding then we are sure you will be looking forward to attending the special occasion. There is nothing more touching than watching two individuals in love dedicating the rest of their lives to one and other. Nevertheless, the only down side of going to a friend or family member’s wedding day is that you have to think of a present to buy them, and this is a lot easier said than done. 

It is very difficult to decide upon what gift to buy the happy couple. This is because wedding’s tend to be one of the most common occasions whereby cliched gifts are at the forefront. You run a very high risk of buying the same gift as someone else and it is often hard to make a lasting impression with your present. In order to wow the couple with your gift, you need to ensure that you opt for something different from everyone else. To give you a helping hand this article will provide you with some unusual wedding gifts.

One of the most common ideas is to buy the couple a wedding-themed photo frame so that they can insert a picture of their big day inside. Whilst this is a lovely gesture, it is highly likely that this is something the bride and groom have already taken care of. And either way, it is a gift 

they are likely to receive from several friends and family members. A funny, unique and personal gift idea is to take a picture of the couple to a sketch artist who will transform it into a funny cartoon image. This is assured to put a smile on their faces as well as give an original take on the traditional photo option. You can even look for an online stamp auction to find a stamp from when the couple first met and get this framed!

Another attractive alternative is to go for a personalised plaque. There are so many cute and pretty plaques with wording such as ‘Happily Ever After’ and ‘Mr & Mrs’ which provide a beautiful gesture for the couple. You can also get a plaque specially made if their is something unique and personal you would like to have worded upon it. Personalised unusual wedding gifts are also great amongst other things. For instance, you can have the couple’s names, ‘Mr & Mrs’ or a special message carved into an array of things, such as cutlery, champagne flutes and pens. In addition to this, you can also look for presents which incorporate symbols of weddings, such as wedding bells, love hearts and alike.

It is certainly not easy to find unusual wedding gifts nevertheless if you take the advice given in this article, sit and think about what would be personal to the bride and groom as well as search on the internet, then I am certain you will be able to find a present which will not only make them smile but will not be replicated by any other guest in attendance. Remember what they say; it truly is the thought that counts.

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