Do Waist Trainers Really Work?

With celebrities such as Kim Kardashian West and Nicki Minaj swearing by waist training, it is becoming more in demand by the day. But what is waist training, and does it really work?

What is waist training?

Waist training uses waist trainers to reduce your natural waste size and to accentuate your curves. A waist trainer is an undergarment that is made up a thick fabric with hooks, velcro or laces to hold the trainer tightly in place around your midriff. It is considered a distant relative of the corset, and waist trainers have actually been around for centuries. They are basically a corset with a modern day twist.

The idea behind waist training is that it gives people a smaller waist, and people believe it is possible to “train” the waist to achieve an hourglass figure by wearing the garment over an extended period. Advocates also believe that working out while wearing a waist trainer can help to aid weight loss.

People can have less of an appetite whilst wearing a waist trainer, as they put pressure on the stomach which can temporarily cause an artificial feeling of fullness.

What is the history of waist trainers?

For thousands of years women have used corsets to essentially “train their waists”, and sometime in the 1800s corsets evolved to accentuate the female shape as the hourglass figure started to become a woman’s ideal.

Eventually the fashion of the tiny waist grew smaller and corsets became less popular due to health concerns. This was because many women tied their corsets way too tightly, which constricted the body’s natural movement and the cases of organ failure and spinal deformity began to rise.

What are the pros of waist trainers?

Some people claim that waist trainers can have a number of benefits to those aiming to achieve the infamous hourglass figure. These benefits can include:

Reduced waist size

This is why most women start waist training, and lots of people claim that it does work. Waist trainers do cinch the waist which accentuates your hips and waist, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure. This waist trainer for women is a great product to start with.

Improved posture

Due to the thickness of the waist training garment, it naturally causes the person wearing it to maintain the correct posture. It helps to keep your back straight whilst standing and sitting, and even after a period of waist training, we continue to keep that same posture in the long term. This means that waist trainers are extremely beneficial to ladies who have a desk job or where they have to sit for long periods of time.

Improves confidence

Lots of women claim they feel more confident after waist training as they can see a real difference in the size of their waist. However it is important to note that waist trainers cannot help you to lose weight nor do they burn fat on your body, and there is no quick fix or healthy way to aim to lose lots of weight in a small amount of time.

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